The project, started in 2017 in my Agricultural Establishment is made of study, passion, dedication, but above all, of great love for the vineyard, for the ancient traditions, for the respect of the earth and its natural equilibrium. This story, which involves five generations linked to viticulture and wine production, begins in Pachino, a place where the culture of grape cultivation is ancient, millennial art.

""wine is made in the vineyard" according to the ancient saying handed down to me from my grandparents; my vineyards are in “Contrada Buonivini”, not far from the Natural Reserve “Vindicari”. The vines are planted in free standing bushes and the nature of the land predisposes them to the cultivation of the vines and to the production of wine in a natural manner. I have respect for biodiversity and of the lunar calendar which helps me to choose the right moment for the work still carried out by hand.
HOE AND PRUNING SHEARS are the farm tools I use the most. Seasoned organic manure and the practice of green manure are the only fertilizers used.


“TURI” D.o.c. Eloro Pachino Nero d’Avola
The harvest took place earlier than expected on the 10th of September. The grapes harvested by hand, were transported in boxes to the winery, where the Primary (alcoholic) fermentation took place spontaneously by indigenous yeasts. After a maceration of about 6 days, the marc was pressed, and I left the young “Turi” 2017 in the tank. The lunar calendar was used in the winery to choose the right moment for decanting and bottling which took place on the 8th of July.

“TURI” D.o.c. Eloro Pachino Nero d’Avola
Whole, intact grapes and abundant production: a grace! On the 16th of September the harvest took place with hand harvesting and sorting of the grapes to eliminate any leaves. The fermentation was carried out by indigenous yeasts and after a maceration of about 6 days, I pressed the marc and left the “Turi” 2018 in the tank.

TURI I.g.t Terre Siciliane Catarratto
The whole intact grapes were harvested on the 28th of August. The striking bunches of Catarratto, handpicked, were transported to the winery for crushing and subsequent 3-day maceration on the skins. This was followed by the pressing of the marc and the completion of the primary fermentation in the tank.





I support environmental respect; therefore, I am ecologically attentive in the vineyard for the protection of production, landscape and traditions. In the winery I adopt sensible oenological practices for the ecosystem

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